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Thank you for visiting out site, based in the heart of Yorkshire, England we aim to provide the most comprehensive blog on the planet regarding all things wrestling, and not just from the heart of the WWE but from all across the globe and even a little spot of amateur wrestling.

Recently the business seems to have been in a but of a decline the WWE in particular has suffered a lot from bad reactions to Roman Reigns being champion, at the top of the rosta there have been key injuries at the wrong time for the management and booking team and then there’s the whole fallout from items that never really sit too well although they do make good TV at the time such as Vince McMahon arrested.

It seems in the case of World Wrestling entertainment that the corner has been turned.  There is a huge array of talent coming through the NXT division and they are recruiting hard to make sure they have the best of the best.  There has been a lot of rumours leading up to it but the signing of AJ “The Phenominal” Styles, also Samoa Joe and the Dudley Boys from TNA looks to have been a touch of quality.

Brock Lesnar returns time after time and because of him being a marquee signing he goes straight into the title picture…. I’m sure Bray Wyatt might have something to say about that though as there seems to be a rivalry there burning under the surface.

We here at Wrestling force are determined to try and cover all aspects from amateur Wrestling… such as key events at the olympics in Rio, the Japanese culture and the main Brands of WWW and TNA.

As we build the site you may need to bear with us, we want to build a huge and conprehensive guide to all aspects and this will take some time, we will be building:

  • Profiles of Superstars and show there past and present achievements.
  • Raw, NXT and Smackdown results as well as PPV’s
  • Spoilers for the biggest shows.
  • A blog with relevant articles on latest news, rumours, upcoming events and who else may be returning.
  • much much more.

Our site may just be one small part of the internet but we want to make it an incredible resource for everyone and will always aim to improve, make an impact on your day and more importantly get the fans of Wrestling proud again and become the new force in Wrestling.

Where did Ace Montana come from?

Ever since I played on my first wrestling computer game, where you could create your own persona and character, I have always used the name “Ace Montana” … I still don’t know why but sometimes it does get asked and I guess it was just the first thing that came to mind.  As a child we always used to play card games and thats where the the ace proabably came from but Monatana is probably down to the chocolate bars but Im not totally sure!